With a Computer Science major, I reinvented myself to make a living out of what I really like: design and build children furniture and toys.

At the end of 2010 I built a toy kitchen for my kids entirely out of pallets, I posted it on my blog and started to get orders. What at first was something for fun, has turned out to be my devotion.


Each piece is built in certified FSC wood (Forest Stewardship Counsil) from monitored forests. First the pinewood boards are cut, sand, and shaped. After that, they are painted with the hues I like so much and finally they are assembled to show the client the end product.


Each piece is made personally for each client, therefore time needed for production is 7 days plus 7-10 days for delivery (remember I’m located in the Canary Islands), so if you wish to make an order please bear this in mind.


Not only are they toys, but also they are decoration pieces which can be placed anywhere at home. Given that my products are all personalized with a major labor burden, I’m afraid I cannot work with any distributers or dealers.